Make Your Drums sound like you're a TM88, 808 Mafia, Metro Boomin TOP Producer!

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Grab our hottest drumkit for a once-only price as part of our welcome special offer

I used to be where you are, constantly searching for great drumkits which ultimately will turn my beat to the next level. I HATED that the drum sounds I had in my DAW never fit the right type beat.

I didn’t know what was holding me back from making a nice drum pattern. But you know what I did?  I tried different drums sounds over and over again, but that only made the beat sound muddy. What was wrong?

I knew my beat melodies had potential but I didn’t have the correct drum sounds to turn it into a fire beat. I went on furiously, but finally stumbled upon the drums I needed all this time.

I researched a lot of professional producers and discovered drum sounds which turns your beats to the next level. It’s so easy now that I have created the sound selected "Yung Trap Cash Drumkit", to make fire beats.

Yung Trap Cash DrumkitIt’s that powerful. Normally i share my demo drumkits like the "Sauced Money Drumkit" (+10 drum sounds) on the internet, but today i share my full secret drumkit (+207 drum sounds) with you.

This drumkit takes out the confusion of beat making. You will have the the best sound selection for making beats like TM88, 808 Mafia and many more TOP producers. No longer will you have to spend hours on the drum sound selection just for a weird conflict later down the line.

My new drumkit was built specifically with YOU in mind. I have been where you are. I truly understand how frustrating it can be when you want to express your soul, but the computer tells you otherwise.

Top music industry leaders want you to think your DAW drum sound selection isn’t worth a penny because “it’s just for average beats.” I’m hear to tell you, you can successfully take a nice melody with the right drum sounds to make a fire full song.

I have decided not only to show you the beat making process on my youtube channel with many hidden beat making techniques which are not publicly demonstrated, but also to give you the best sound selection via kits away.

I want you to rival the pros and to do that, you must take the first step.  Without my attempt to correct my drum sounds problem, I would never be able to make the songs I truly had in my heart.

What's inside

+207 FIRE DRUM SOUNDS: Do not miss this unique chance to make your drums stand out!

The Drumkit contains:


30 808s
28 Claps
27 HiHats
16 Kicks
14 Open Hats
26 Percs
34 Snares
5 Crash
26 Vox / FX / SFX

+ BONUS: 5x PERFECT DRUM SETS (Metro Boomin, Tm88, Lex Luger, Quavo and 808 Mafia)

Format: WAV

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My Personal Guarantee to You

If you have problems with the download of the drumkit, just send me your invoice ID as proof and I will resend you the drumkit, so you get the drumkit 100%. And if you’re still unsatisfied, then just contact me via email:


Grab our hottest drumkit for a once-only price as part of our welcome special offer

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