Professional Loop Sampling Secrets Finally Revealed

Learn how the Professional Producers like Metro Boomin, Murda Beatz etc. quickly make fire beats with loops. With this Bundle you get our best loops and the knowledge to make your own loops today!

The most important Benefits

Why You Need this Bundle Package

I used to be where you are, constantly searching for great information which ultimately will turn my beat to the next level. I HATED that the my melodies I had in my DAW never fit the right type beat.

I didn’t know what was holding me back from making a fire beat. But you know what I did?  I tried different melody methods over and over again, but that only made the beat sound muddy. What was wrong?

I knew that I had potential but I didn’t have the correct melody to turn it into a fire beat. I went on furiously, but finally stumbled upon the solution I needed all this time.

I researched a lot of professional producers and discovered the technique which turns your beats to the next level. It’s so easy - they all use samples! What does that mean? It's easy: They're using a technique to make loops out of samples. And after I discovered this I made 3-8 fire beats on a day.

Now I want to share with you the technique, and show you how to make beats with loops and how to make your own loops. That's why I have created the "Money on the Scale - Loop Kit", to make fire beats, and the "Loop Master Kickstart Course" to teach you how to create your own loops and make beats fast!

Preview Loops / With this Bundle you are able to make beats like:

Your Benefits with the Bundle

  • With the knowledge you cut down beatmaking time by hours immediately
  • Save money on Third Party Loop Kits, because after you gain the knowledge of the course you can make your own loops forever!
  • Restore old projects and make them new again
  • Utilize your native DAW plugins
  • Open a higher level of music production
  • Use these sample techniques to increase your beatmaking skill immediately
  • Make over +40 Beats fast with the Loop Kit

What's inside

The Money on the Scale Loop Kit

63 FILES | 3 FOLDERS | 132 MB

15 Vox / FX / SFX

Format: WAV

The loops come in high WAV quality, and the loops are easily to use, because their labelled by name, tempo (bpm) and key. The loops are for WIN/MAC and you can use the them in your DAW like FL Studio 11/12 (older and latest version), and on other DAW like Logic. Just insert the Loops in your DAW. With every loop you can make a whole own beat.

The loops are inspired by Murda Beatz, Quavo, Metro Boomin, Travis $cott.




The Loop Master Kickstart Course contains:

19 FILES | 3 FOLDERS | 699 MB

In this video cours you will learn how to make your own fire loops for your beats - with this knowledge you don't need ever buy loops again!

The course is amazing as it will increase your knowledge of sampling and also save you time looking for samples in the future as all of the samples in this pack have been used by me so you dont have to spend time looking through it to find ones you you want to use. And you also learn where you can get more samples and inspiration for your future loops and beats.


This Bundle contains three important folders:

(1) The first folder contains a PDF with all the samples which we used to make our loops (labelled by original name – so you can find them fast on the internet).

(2) The second folder contains the Money on the Scale Loop Kit, that means all flipped sample loops (labelled by name, tempo (bpm) and key).

(3) The third folder contains the Loop Master Kickstart Course, that means the tutorial videos how to use the sample loops and how to find inspiration and more samples for your future beats, and also how to create your own loops.

This course will show you the techniques that past and present Xcaler Beats members have used in order to make their beats with loops. This course outlines the exact method of sampling and loop creation that members of Xcaler Beats use step by step.

Contains in Detail (90 files | 10 Folders | 834 MB)

  • 3x PDF eBooks that contains the the sources for samples, the download links for important free programs, which you need to create your own loops and a list of all samples as PDF which we used to make our loop kit.
  • 41x high Quality WAV Loops (with every loop you can make a beat and sell it only as lease and exclusive)
  • 7x high Quality WAV BONUS Loops
  • 15x VOX /FX Effects which are very usefull to create tension and release in your beats.
  • 6x Step By Step tutorial videos that visually show you the process of loop creation, and how to use your loops in your own beats.
  • 1x Bonus video showing extra tips to make a XXXtentacion Type Beat with the Loop Kit.
  • 1x FLP File that contains a FL Studio 12 Project with a premade drum pattern, so you can make your beats with loops even faster. You can open in FL Studio 12 and follow along with the guide for a hands on learning approach.

  • Download Size

    Contents: 834MB (downloads are in one file for better download quality)

  • Loop / Video Format

    High Quality MP4 Video, and high quality WAV Loops

  • Download Formats

    .Zip and .Rar (To Open .rar files, please use or (MAC)

Quick Course Overview


  1. Course Overview
  2. How the Pro's like Murda Beatz get their inspiration for loops / samples
  3. How to make your Sample Loop fit in your Beat
  4. How to make your own loops with the standard method
  5. How to make your owen loops like the Pro's with my favourite method (The best method to make loops)
  6. How to use loops in the beat / How to use the Loop Kit
  7. Bonus Videos: How to make a XXXtentacion Beat with the Loop Kit



  1. A list of all Sources for new Samples - Sample like the Pro's
  2. Download Links for all free programs you need
  3. A list of all Original Samples, which were used to create the loops / the loop kit.


  1. FL Studio 12 Project – Ready Drum Pattern to make beats with the loop kit fast.

What people say about the bundle


    [op_question question="%20What%20if%20I'm%20just%20a%20beginner%3F"]This%20bundle%20package%20will%20accelerate%20your%20learning%20process%20at%20least%2010X.%20You%20can%20work%20your%20way%20through%20the%20Loop%20Master%20Kickstart%20course%20and%20use%20the%20loop%20kit%2C%20then%20get%20into%20higher%20level%20in%20sampling%20and%20loop%20creation%20after%20that.[/op_question] [op_question question="Do%20I%20Need%20Third%20Party%20Plugins%3F"]No.%20We%20go%20over%20the%20techniques%20and%20concepts%20you%20can%20apply%20to%20any%20plugin.%20We%20do%20go%20over%20some%20specific%20plugin%20techniques%20but%20you%20don't%20need%20third%20party%20plugins.%20You%20can%20use%20your%20DAW%20native%20plugins.[/op_question] [op_question question="How%20is%20the%20Course%20and%20Kit%20Delivered%3F%20Is%20it%20physically%20mailed%20or%20Sent%20to%20Email%3F"]After%20you%20order%2C%20you%20will%20be%20sent%20the%20course%20package%20for%20download%20in%20your%20email.[/op_question] [op_question question="Is%20this%20only%20for%20FL%20Studio%20Plugins%3F"]You%20can%20use%20any%20plugins%20you%20like.%20We%20show%20you%20how%20to%20get%20the%20most%20out%20of%20your%20DAW%20native%20plugins.[/op_question]
    [op_question question="Will%20this%20help%20me%20make%20my%20beats%20faster%3F"]Yes%2C%20of%20course.%20You%20learn%20how%20to%20make%20your%20own%20loops%20and%20how%20to%20insert%20the%20loops%20right%20into%20your%20DAW%20to%20create%20quickly%20new%20beats%20like%20the%20Pro's.[/op_question] [op_question question="Is%20this%20only%20for%20hip%20hop%3F"]This%20package%20covers%20loops%20and%20techniques%20and%20concepts%20which%20apply%20to%20all%20genres%2C%20like%20RnB%2C%20hip%20hop%2C%20pop%2C%20and%20trap%20music.[/op_question] [op_question question="Can%20I%20100%25%20make%20after%20the%20course%20my%20own%20loops%3F"]Yes%2C%20of%20course.%20After%20the%20course%20you%20can%20make%20your%20own%20loops%2C%20and%20never%20need%20to%20buy%20a%20loop%20kit%20again%2C%20because%20you%20get%20the%20knowledge%20you%20need%20to%20make%20everything%20on%20your%20own.[/op_question] [op_question question="Can%20I%20buy%20only%20the%20Loop%20Kit%20%2F%20the%20Course%3F"]%3Cstrong%3EFor%20the%20Loop%20kit%3A%3C%2Fstrong%3E%0A%0AYes%2C%20we%20are%20also%20offering%20the%20Loop%20Kit%20%22Money%20on%20the%20Scale%22%20seperatly%20without%20Bonus%20Content.%20So%20it%20comes%20with%2041%20Loops%20(see%20the%20price%20options%20down%20below).%0A%0A%3Cstrong%3EFor%20the%20course%3A%3C%2Fstrong%3E%0A%0AYou%20can%20only%20buy%20the%20course%20in%20this%20bundle%2C%20we%20don't%20offering%20the%20course%20anywhere%20else.[/op_question]

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