Music Services

Beat Mixing

We offer beat’s / instrumental’s mixing and mastering services at an affordable price. To hear the examples of beats that we have mixed, simply check our beat catalog. Before sending payment or requesting a quote, please read the instructions and requirements below.


General Pricing

  • Our Pro Beat Mixing rates are $65 per beat/instrumental
  • Discount is applied when ordering more than 1 beat’s mixing (save up to 30% on bulk deals)


  • Files should be mono or stereo WAV 16 or 24bit files, 44.1k or 48k
  • For mixing services it is essential that all your audio files/stems line up in the same place
  • Make sure your files contain no major pre or post production effects
  • Any specific effects that you want on any tracks will need to be bounced down (We may not use all the plugins or settings that you use)
  • Please provide a rough demo mix so we can take your track in the desired direction
  • 1 free major revision included

File DeliveryTo progress with a beat mix you’ll just have to provide a download link to your WAV files, preferably compressed as a Zip file. is a great and free way to send big files.